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Setup 2:
The HORUS astrograph:

Our second setup is a Riccardi-Honders optical design with a diameter of  200 mm and a focal length 600mm which offers a fully corrected field for our 4040 BSI sensor.

The mount is a GEM :  Paramount MX+ with a max payload of 100 lbs.

Imaging train consists of :

-a 3 inches digital focuser ATLAS from FLI (ASCOM)

-a FLI Centerline 10 filters filter wheel (ASCOM)

-a full set of Baader filters LRGB HOS

-a new SBIG AC4040 BSI Class 1

The Eagle 4 pro from PrimaLuce is running all the different accessories together, including a QHY autoguider and electrical dew heaters.

This astrograph has a fast focal ratio of 3.0 and is intended for wide-field imaging, it will be used in conjunction with our 750mm F2.8 to take data of faint extensions around the focus target.

The photographic field is 3.52 by 3.52 degrees:

Area: 12.39 square degrees.

Resolution 3.09"/pixel.

Below a full field is shown as it is seen with the HORUS astrograph.

Exposure : 16 Hours in LRGB

5.5 hours in Ha.

Image are very sharp till the edge of the sensor.

Data and processing by Phillip Esce

(Image was reversed upside down for our northern hemisphere colleagues!)

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