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  • Photo du rédacteurCapt.Eric Recurt

Introducing the HORUS astrograph:

HORUS will soon be our second setup ready in operation: presently into the testing phase, in a few weeks it will produce stunning data from the southern hemisphere.

Our second setup is a Riccardi-Honders optical design with a diameter of 200 mm and a focal length 600mm which offers a fully corrected field for our KAF 16803 CCD sensor.

The mount is a GEM : Paramount MX+ with a max payload of 100 lbs.

Imaging train consists of :

-a 3 inches digital focuser ATLAS from FLI (ASCOM)

-a FLI Centerline 10 filters filter wheel (ASCOM)

-a full set of Baader filters LRGB HOS

-a FLI PL 16803 CCD

The Eagle 4 pro from PrimaLuce is running all the different accessories together, including a QHY autoguider and electrical dew heaters.

This astrograph has a fast focal ratio of 3.0 and is intended for wide-field imaging, it will be used in conjunction with our 750mm F2.8 to take data of faint extensions around the focus target.

The photographic field is 3.52 by 3.52 degrees:

Area: 12.39 square degrees.

Resolution 3.09"/pixel.

Attached is the field of view and the full Moon at average size

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